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Adult Student Persistence

This 10½-hour NCSALL study circle is based on recent research and resources about adult student persistence. The research and related resources include:

In Session One, study circle members share information about their own interest and experience with barriers to adult student persistence. Participants examine the research on persistence, retention, and motivation. Study circle members review four suggested supports for adult student persistence and examine the forces that support and hinder student persistence.

In Session Two, participants gain a deeper understanding of the findings from the research on adult student persistence and discuss program strategies for increasing persistence. Participants review the five pathways for program participation that are determined by students’ personal and environmental factors.

In Session Three, participants consider specific ways programs and practitioners addressed persistence in their situations and plan for what they might do to address student persistence in their own programs or classes. Participants will receive handouts with strategies and resources for addressing adult student persistence, motivation, and retention.

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