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Focus On Basics

Volume 8, Issue C ::: November 2006

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Our Subject Index allows you to access easily all NCSALL publications by topic, including Accountability, GED, Learner Motivation, Curriculum Development, Assessment, Technology, Family Literacy, Math, Program Design, Practitioner Research, Writing, and more — the Subject Index includes more than 50 topics.

NCSALL Occasional Paper

Transitioning Adults to College: Adult Basic Education Program Models, by Cynthia Zafft, Silja Kallenbach, and Jessica Spohn, describes five models that the staff at the New England Literacy Resource Center categorized after surveying adult education centers with transition components. The models are Advising, GED-Plus, ESOL, Career Pathways, and College Preparatory. The paper includes recommendations that others contemplating adult transition services might find helpful. To down load, go to http://www.ncsall.net/?id=26.

NCSALL Teaching and Training Materials

Beyond the GED: Making Conscious Choices About the GED and Your Future. Revised to include new data and information available on the Inter net, this set of lesson plans for GED-level students addresses the economic impact of the GED. It also gives learners an opportunity to practice writing, use graphs, read charts, and analyze research findings. To download, go to http://www.ncsall.net/?id=35.

Practitioner Research Training Guide: Research-based Adult Reading Instruction. This training guide provides comprehensive instructions for facilitating a 31-hour training that guides practitioners through the steps needed to conduct their own classroom research on a problem related to reading. To download, go to http://www.ncsall.net/index.php?id=1143.

Seminar Guide: Implications of NCSALL Research for Program Administrators. This seminar guide was created to assist program administrators in accessing, understanding, judging, and using research for themselves and for their staff. Participants explore the Program Administrators’ Sourcebook: A Resource on NCSALL’s Research for Adult Education Program Administrators and other training materials available from NCSALL. To download, go to http:// www.ncsall.net/?id=1117.

Training Guide: Study Circle Facilitators. This training guide provides instructions so that experienced adult education practitioners can facilitate NCSALL study circles. The training focuses on the NCSALL study circle Research-based Adult Reading Instruction. However, the training can be adapted to prepare facilitators to use other NCSALL study circles. To download, go to http://www. ncsall.net/index.php?id=1137

Study Circle Guide: Adult Student Persistence. Revised to include the second phase of the NCSALL research on adult student persistence, this guide provides instructions for facilitating a 10-hour study circle. It explores what the research says about adult student persistence and ideas on how to apply this classrooms and programs. To download, go to http://www.ncsall.net/?id=896.

NIFL/NCSALL Panel Discussion Videos

The National Center for the Study of Adult Learning and Literacy and the National Institute for Literacy announce two 30-minute videos:

Persistence Among Adult Education Students Panel. NCSALL director John Comings presents a working definition of persistence, examines existing research, and describes NCSALL’s study of the factors that support and inhibit persistence. Other panelists include two practitioners, Kathleen Endaya and Ernest Best. To view in streaming format, go to http://www.nifl.gov/nifl/webcasts/

Adult Reading Components Study Panel. This panel discussion focuses on adult reading research, and in particular on the Adult Reading Components Study (ARCS). The ARCS was conducted by NCSALL researchers John Strucker and Rosalind Davidson. To view in streaming format, go to http:// www.nifl.gov/nifl/webcasts/

Research on the Economic Impact of the GED Diploma Panel. This panel discussion focuses on the economic benefits that accrue to holders of the General Educational Development (GED) credential. It is based on a review by John Tyler of eight recent (published and working) research papers on the GED. To view in streaming format, go to: http://www.nifl.gov/nifl/

To order in DVD for $5.00 from NCSALL, go to: www.ncsall.net/?id=675

To order DVD version from NIFL, send request with mailing address to: info@nifl.gov

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