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General Educational Development (GED)

Resources for Teachers/Tutors


Research has determined that GED students experience educational and financial gains when engaged in GED preparation courses that focus on cognitive development in addition to exam preparation. Recommendations from the study suggest that programs support students who want to transition to postsecondary education and training. If you would like to explore the research on GED impact and its implications for instruction and program practices, select one of the following topics.

Each self-study has three steps:

Step 1: Read the related research.
Step 2: Reflect on this research and your practice.
Step 3: Focus on an aspect of your practice.

If you wish to devote several sessions to the exploration of research on the impact of the GED and its implications for your practice, consider organizing a series of seminars with other practitioners in your program or region. Click on this link for seminar guides.

Background Resources

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