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Adult Student Persistence

Resources for Teachers/Tutors


Adults choose to enroll in adult basic education, ESOL, and adult secondary classes with goals that require lengthy time commitments. Due to the complexity of adult students’ lives, many factors can either support or hinder students in persisting in programs until they reach their goals. If you would like to explore the research on persistence and its implications for instruction and program practices, first select “Helping Adults Persist,” then choose another topic.

Each self-study has three steps:

Step 1: Read the related research.
Step 2: Reflect on this research and your practice.
Step 3: Focus on an aspect of your practice.

If you wish to devote several sessions to the exploration of research on reading and its implications for your practice, consider organizing a study circle or seminar with other practitioners in your program or region. Click on this link for study circle and seminar guides.

Background Resources

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