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Program Administrators’ Sourcebook: A Resource on NCSALL’s Research for Adult Education Program Administrators


Section 1: Teaching and Learning

The Adult Reading Components Study (ARCS)
The Literacy Practices of Adult Learners (LPAL) Study
The Sustained Silent Reading Study
The Pair Work Study
The Adult Multiple Intelligences
The Classroom Dynamics Study
The Adult Development Study
Teaching and Learning Research: Overall Implications for Program Change
Additional Resources

Section 2: Adult Student Persistence

The Adult Student Persistence Study
Additional Resources

Section 3: Professional Development

The Professional Development Study
Additional Resources

Section 4: Outcomes of Participating in Adult Education

The GED Impact Studies
The Outcomes Studies
Additional Resources

Section 5: Advocacy for Program ImprovementProgram Change and Policy

The Role of Program Administrators in Advocacy
Areas for Advocacy
Tools and Strategies for Advocacy

Information About NCSALL

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